Finnish Breeding Bird Atlas

The 4th Finnish breeding bird atlas started in 2022. The project aimed at monitoring the distribution and breeding success of Finnish bird species in 10 x 10 km grid squares. The project involves extensive collaboration between scientific institutions, birdwatchers and volunteers, and aims to combine new and existing data on Finnish bird populations and their habitats. The atlas is part of a larger effort to monitor and protect biodiversity in Finland. Birds are considered an important indicator of environmental change, and changes in their populations can reflect larger-scale environmental changes.

The project also includes a standardized line transect census to gather data on bird populations and their changes over time. The Atlas data is used for scientific research, and to evaluate the status of red listed species in Finland. The project is funded by the Ministry of the Environment and carried out by the Natural History Museum of Finland (Luomus) and BirdLife Finland in collaboration with several other institutions.

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